There seem to be some recurring questions in the emails I have been receiving So I have decided to write a short FAQ to cover some of the topics.

Please feel free to still get in touch using the contact page or the guestbook. I love reading your comments and discussing them with you!

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Q. What Camera/s do you use?

A: I use a canon 5DMkII and predominantly the Canon 24-70L lens. I used to use telephoto lenses alot but decided tha the perspective of a wider lens suited the subject mater better than the long glass. I use the 24-70 to help with framing an image in tight spaces but for the most part use my legs to zoom!

Q. Do I need to use top of the range cameras/lenses to get the affect you achieve?

A. No! I use my 5DII for many jobs other than for WW2 re-enactment so its high quality and low light abaility is useful there. For my WW2 Photography its actually a hindrance that the images are so sharp and i actively soften them in post to achieve my desired look. A kit lens will not be a problem - just watch out for chromatic aberrations

Q.What software do you use to achieve the final look in your photos?

A. I use Adobe Lightroom for 99% of my editing workflow. I have built a number of presets for myself so i can keep my images thematically similar. I only use photoshop for the "heavy lifting", such as wehn i need to remove distracting objects from teh background etc.