The War & Peace Show Revival Pt1

Photos from the new War and Peace Revival Show held at Folkestone racecourse. 

Amazing Replica Tiger 1 Project

A Russian fabrication team have built a fastidiously accurate 1:1 replica of the famous German Tiger Tank.


Built from scratch in just 6 months, a a group of skilled Russian fabricators have brought to life one of World War Two's most memorable vehicles. The infamous German Tiger Tank was the scourge of the allied armour advance and has been immortalised in cinema as well as many modern video games. The Tiger carried a formidable armament comprising of an 88mm main canon and as encased in heavy armour with frontal hull armour between 100mm and 120mm for the hull and turret respectively. This gave the Tiger great stopping power and proved to be almost impenetrable to common allied weaponry in a frontal assault.


This replica cost in excess of €400k to produce, which at first glance is an eye watering sum. But the vehicle was built for the Russian Film Studio Mosfilm to star in the largest WW2 film in Russian cinema history so no expense was spared in getting it built on time.

It is unlikely that this fantastic creation will ever be seen at a re-enactment event, but i cross my fingers in hope for War & Peace 2014!  


The War & Peace Revival : Media Day

Today was the media launch for the new War & Peace Revival show in Folkestone.


The War & Peace show has consistently been my favorite show of the re-enacting calendar over the past few years. The size and scope of the displays has always given me a huge amount of material to photograph and the battles are large and well supported. The inclusion of the village set at last years show and the Kelly's heroes Bastogne winter set the year before that were a particular photographic highlight for me and my portfolio.

The War & Peace show is the largest combined military vehicle & militaria show in the world and began as a club event for the Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society (IMPS) back in 1982. In 1989 the show moved to the Kent Hop Farm at Beltring, where it stayed for 25 years and grew to its world renowned status.

This year the Show has moved to its new home at the Folkestone Racecourse. Historically this region was known as Hellfire corner and the racecourse itself was used to house decoy inflatable aircraft in a ruse to convince the German command that an invasion would come from Calais rather than Normandy.

At first i was a little concerned about the new venue. Like many others, I have only ever know the show at its Beltring venue and considered the Hop Farm integral to what the show was. Today, after speeches from Rex and having had a good nose around the site, my worries are gone. The new venue has far more facilities and in my opinion a far better and more varied arena area with grandstands for the spectators to view it from. Its evident that Rex, Georgina and the rest of the team have put a huge amount of effort into the new venue and I  believe the show will flourish here.

Here's to the War & Peace Revival and to another 25 years of excellence