Amazing Replica Tiger 1 Project

A Russian fabrication team have built a fastidiously accurate 1:1 replica of the famous German Tiger Tank.


Built from scratch in just 6 months, a a group of skilled Russian fabricators have brought to life one of World War Two's most memorable vehicles. The infamous German Tiger Tank was the scourge of the allied armour advance and has been immortalised in cinema as well as many modern video games. The Tiger carried a formidable armament comprising of an 88mm main canon and as encased in heavy armour with frontal hull armour between 100mm and 120mm for the hull and turret respectively. This gave the Tiger great stopping power and proved to be almost impenetrable to common allied weaponry in a frontal assault.


This replica cost in excess of €400k to produce, which at first glance is an eye watering sum. But the vehicle was built for the Russian Film Studio Mosfilm to star in the largest WW2 film in Russian cinema history so no expense was spared in getting it built on time.

It is unlikely that this fantastic creation will ever be seen at a re-enactment event, but i cross my fingers in hope for War & Peace 2014!